National Training Agency

The Mandate of the National Training Agency is;

1.) To develop, implement and maintain a National Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Plan that will create a workforce that is competent, certified, innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial.

2.) To establish and maintain a National TVET System to harmonize, standardize, monitor and evaluate all formal and non-formal national training efforts in TVET.

3.) To continually assess and provide relevant information on TVET and workforce development, which includes the demand for and supply of human resources in collaboration with state and other agencies.

4.) To assist, support and encourage the development of training programs designed to develop innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship in the nations human resources.

5.) To develop a structured and active system of communication and partnership with stakeholders to ensure continued relevance and value of the Agency's products and services.

NTA's Vision

The Vision of the NTA: To create a workforce that is certified, competent, innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial, contributing to the continual development of Trinidad and Tobago.

NTA's Mission

The Mission of the NTA: To coordinate, harmonize, standardize, monitor and evaluate all Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Trinidad and Tobago through the establishment of a National TVET system.

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National Training Agency

The School was added to the NTATT's Registry of TVET Training Providers with effect from 30 November 2009. It is listed as Registered Centre Status with the National Training Agency (NTA) of Trinidad and Tobago.

TVET Control Centre

The National Training Agency, National TVET Control Centre is an online database designed to collect and store information about

Training Providers that are Enterprise, Community, Institution and School based

  Training Programs

 …..within the TVET System.

TVET Registry

The National TVET Registry provides the NTA with the ability to efficiently manage:

  Assessment Centres
  Registered Training Providers
  Qualification Plans and Units