Level 3 Programmes


KENSON ASSURED CERTIFICATE IN OIL AND GAS REFINEMENT (Advanced) helps you develop the skills and understanding to work as a technical engineer in the oil and gas industry. You’ll gain broad background knowledge of the industry, covering technical principles and practical skills. You’ll also learn about the roles and career paths available to you.


This diploma is for anyone interested in a career in oil and gas. You might be considering going back to work or planning a career change. You’ll need some experience in the oil and gas industry, or related background knowledge, you can build on.

City & Guilds International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning

The Advanced and Specialist Advanced Diplomas are designed for qualified teachers, first-level managers or those preparing for higher education. You’ll need a current teaching job or work placement for the practical aspects of the qualification.

Compressed Natural Gas Installation Technician (CNGIT)

The CNGIT programme provides the entry-level skills in the conversion of automobiles to CNG. The programme focuses on developing the individual to work as an entry level auto mechanic in the installation of the relevant equipment that would convert an automobile to dual fuel use. The objective is to have the technician fully trained to install the CNG conversion at 100% accuracy for each installation.

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