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About Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Unit is critically engaged in all aspects of students’ lives and collaborates with students, lecturers, staff, alumni, parents, and many others in the delivery of key services and support to students and all whom the unit serves.

Student Affairs provides programs and services that support the optimal growth of Kenson students, enhance their intellectual, social, cultural and physical development, and complement Kenson’s academic excellence by providing opportunities for students to experience education and explore interests beyond the classroom.

Student Calendar of Events

Due to the Government’s directive to prohibit social gatherings of more than 10 persons, as a preventative action against the coronavirus pandemic, all student events have been postponed or cancelled until further notice.”

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About the Student Guild

The Student Guild of the Kenson School of Production Technology represents our diversity with students from all walks of life coming together for common goal, taking their education into their own hands. Through the student guild they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and other stakeholders to ensure quality education and services are provided while developing the soft skills needed for the working world.

The roles of the Student Guild are:

  1. To help address student needs.
  2. To share the student perspective
  3. To foster leadership skills and help prepare the student for the world of work
  4. To bridge the gap between students and school officials
  5. To help plan events that produce a socially and culturally sensitive and competent individual

Why Join the Student Guild?

  1. To become a leader
  2. To represent your fellow students
  3. To learn skills that cannot be taught in the classroom
  4. To develop networking skills
  5. To become a more rounded student

Students interested in becoming part of the Student Council can contact the Student Affairs Manager for details or email us at Student_Affairs@kspt.edu.tt

Alumni Association

The KPST Alumni Association (KSPTAA) is a Non-Profit Association chartered by KSPT and graduates of KSPT to leverage the personal and professional expertise of our past students to help advance each other. Through this group, we can support alumni business ventures, philanthropic efforts, promote collaborations, seek professional advice and support KSPT small business owners. KSPTAA’s activities can be found on the Student Affairs events calendar. Graduates and alumni can join by contacting the Student Affairs Department via email at Student_Affairs@kspt.edu.tt

Financial Aid

Students can request a payment plan if the need arises. This is handled by KSPT on a case by case basis and several factors are considered including class standing, involvement at KSPT and financial status. If you need a payment plan please contact the Student Affairs Manager at Student_Affairs@kspt.edu.tt or via telephone at 682-9214.

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