Christopher Davies

Course of Study: Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma – Process Technician

As a past student of the Kenson School of Production and Technology, I can undoubtedly say that the experience was as pleasant as can be. An esteemed establishment that upholds its standard in producing the best training for both On land and Offshore working environments.

My time in the classroom has been met with multiple instances of work plus fun, despite my classmates being unacquainted with each other, the comforting ambiance of the classrooms coupled with the hardworking and friendly staff, made their students feel at home. This made classes not only a field for learning but a place where you can establish life-long bonds. As I progressed through each module, the quality of teaching has drastically improved, with each lecturer putting forth their blood, sweat and tears into ensuring optimal results for each student, leaving none behind. A true ode to “together we achieve, together we aspire”.

Relatively to the transition of school to employment, the school offers multiple divisions to which you can branch off into to best cater to your dreams and long term career path. Prior to attending this institution, the spectrum of jobs was limited and not of the desirable quality. But as the year progressed and my time with the lecturers and in the simulator has better equipped me to go out into the Oil and Gas industry. This simulator helped me to go from someone with no experience in this industry to have a general idea of the layout of a plant and to help me be better able to work in the demanding schedules of the Oil industry.

Upon completing my course, despite being a student who has not much experience, a plethora of opportunities presented themselves to me and I was able to use my credentials as an avenue to better appeal to the multiple employers and companies to which I have applied. Ultimately, I would recommend that anyone who desires a career in the Oil and Gas Industry, to choose the Kenson School of Production and Technology as their Alma Mata, to help them begin their journey to a promising future.