Our Capabilities / Awards


The school is focused on technician training whose graduates fit into the oil and gas industry of Trinidad and Tobago, in Upstream, Mid-Stream and Downstream operations. The differentiation for our graduates is our hands-on training capability that ensures that every graduate is ‘industry-ready’ when they complete their certificate with KSPTL.

Design of Specialist Workshops

In this regard, the Kenson School of Production Technology has adequately equipped workshops/laboratories for Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation technicians.

Production Simulator Training Facilities

The Kenson School of Production Technology also offers practical training facilities in the form of an Offshore Production Operations Simulator. Located in secured premises away from the classrooms, it simulates crude oil production using oil and water stored in individual containers. The oil and water are mixed as they are pumped to a third tank that represents the oil reservoir. The process of separation is experienced by students through this uniquely designed facility.

The Simulator is also equipped with piping and fire water sprinklers to simulate a deluge of the Production facility using water in the event of a fire. Should a gas leak occur the Simulator is equipped with natural gas sensors which when activated would send a signal to cause the facility to go into an Emergency Shut Down.

The KSPTL is the only institution in Trinidad and Tobago with this facility.

Curriculum Development

The unique capability that makes customized programmes available to companies seeking unique solutions to their employee training and development needs is that of curriculum development. KSPTL has a blend of curriculum specialists and technical expertise in operations and maintenance that can be combined in curriculum project teams to examine and conceptualize solutions for companies emphasizing:

  • Underpinning theory and knowledge to support operational needs
  • Practical activities to demonstrate competence
  • An assessment framework to collect evidence

Assessor Capabilities

All instructors/assessors are trained and certified to perform competency-based assessment. A competence checklist is an important tool that is used to assess practical skills. It includes a list of activities or performance outcomes that a candidate must be seen to be able to do in order to be considered competent in the tasks being assessed for the qualification. A student has to demonstrate the practical skills, as well as the necessary underpinning knowledge, to perform a range of tasks to a specific standard. Demonstration of practical skills for KSPTL qualifications (including the IVQ Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas) requires use of a competence checklist to record evidence.

Assessment and Examination Support Systems

At KSPTL significant resources have been employed to support the range of assessments and examinations required to build student competence and knowledge. These resources include human, information technology and physical hardware. Adherence to continuous improvement supports the infrastructure for assessments and examinations. Learning Assistant, for example, has been recently added as an innovative and cost effective e-portfolio solution that allows the institution to dramatically improve the delivery of their vocational qualifications by reducing paper submissions. All student assignments are now submitted electronically and assessors access the e-portfolio to review submissions and award marks, grades and comments.

Experience and Tested systems in Managing Employees Contracted to Clients

The integrated services approach in which the Kenson School of Production Technology has operated has facilitated the development of systems to manage a myriad of services simultaneously. One such service that has been managed since the inception is the provision of employees to major clients in Trinidad and Tobago.


  • 2015, City & Guilds – Medals for Excellence.
    The winners from KSPTL announced in February 2015 are:

    • Trevor Collette: Instructor-City and Guilds (8510-10) Level 3 International Vocational
      Qualification (IVQ) Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas Process Technician
      Outstanding Achiever of the Year
    • Melissa Mohammed: Instructor and Manager of Academic Operations-City and Guilds (8510-03) Level 3 International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas Mechanical Maintenance Technician – International Learner of the Year
    • Rajeev Ramrattan: Student-City and Guilds (8510-05) Level 3 International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas Electrical Maintenance Technician Learner of the Year
  • 2015, Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago – Energy Services Exporter of the Year
  • 2014, Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago – Quality in Tertiary Education (QuiTE)
    Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • 2013, Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago – New Energy Services Exporter of the Year
Quinn Gabriel
The Kenneth E Ferguson Bursary Award Scholarship Winner
Quinn Gabriel

“In May 2019, Kenson School of Production Technology introduced The Kenneth E Ferguson Bursary Award; an annual scholarship awarded to one deserving student who is interested in pursuing the Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma. In September 2019, this scholarship was awarded to Quinn Gabriel who enrolled in the Mechanical Maintenance Technician programme thereafter.”