Short Courses


Defensive Driving

Our Defensive Driving programme is a 6-8 hour programme offered monthly on a Saturday, based on demand. Bookings may be made for individuals or groups.

Solar Energy for Beginners

This 12-week introductory level course on Solar Energy provides the student with a basic understanding of solar energy production, installation, and operation.

Project Management Level 1 (Asynchronous)

This course provides a basic Introduction to Project Management showing the Framework and Tools and Techniques to manage each stage of the Project Life Cycle.

Project Management Level 2 (Synchronous)

The course teaches project management fundamentals through lectures, hands-on exercises and practical experiences that can be immediately applied to your job. This approach yields an overview of project management capability, including the stages of initiating projects, planning projects, executing projects, project change control and closeout.

Leadership Basics

Explore the five skills of great leaders with Leadership: 5 Keys to Success. Featuring conversations with real life leaders, the program helps managers—experienced or newly promoted. Discover what it takes to foster and develop leadership traits in our daily lives and learn to lead through personal example.

Excel Basics

This Excel Basics course was designed to provide learners with the requisite understanding and skillsets to be able to make the most effective use of Microsoft Excel.

Supervisory Basics

This course will show supervisors the four simple principles of effective communication; Plan – Select – Deliver – Respond.


This course introduces the basics of understanding and interpreting words which is critical to reading, reading is essential to all processes in the workplace.


In this course, you will be learn the basics of mathematics, you will learn and focus on whole number concepts and computation.


This course introduces the fundamentals of matter, atomic structure, the basic principles of molecules and the physical properties of atoms and molecules that differentiate them from one another.

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