Isaiah Greaves

Course of Study: Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma – Process Technician (PT) Cohort 49

I can gladly say my time at KSPTL was the best educational experience of my young life thus far. I was blessed to have great lecturers who made learning fun by actively sharing their own experiences as it related to the different modules. Whenever a student asked a question, our lecturers had the knowledge to provide an answer.

Members of staff ensured that we were prepared from the beginning to the end of the programme. They made learning easy, and that’s not something you can say for other learning institutions. They took an active role as motivators. I’ll always remember the custodian who would give me a word of advice every morning as she carried out her duties.

We were closely monitored during labs and practicals. There was no room for error. If a mistake was made we’d have to start over, from the beginning, especially when using the 3 phase separator. To me, this ensured that we received enough practice and experience, as well as the knowledge to carry out our duties on an actual plant.