Jonathon M. Singh

Course of Study: Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma – Process Technician | Offshore Production Operator Training Programme

My experience in the classroom has been one that was very interactive between peers and lecturers. The teaching style and course curriculum allowed me to grasp at information and knowledge preparing/ grooming me for the Oil and Gas Environment. The quality of the information passed on by experienced and very well knowledgeable lecturers has been one like no other. They have passed on the best platform of knowledge, skills and required values to prepare me for the corporate world. Mr. Trevor Collette, Thank You for passing on “ALL” of your experiences and valuable knowledge that I now utilize in my career currently. My interaction with staff has been one of a congenial environment, be it Administrative Staff to the Janitors, and all Lecturers, have given their support which assisted me throughout my tertiary level education learning curve, which is never an easy transition. The transition has been seamless due to their continuous support and professional guidance.

The well-equipped Facilities (Classroom Settings), Simulator (Live Processes), Laboratory has been an experience which I felt comfortable and assisted me to assimilate information/ knowledge at a rapid pace as I am a Practical Style Learner. The Kenson School of Production Technology Simulator was my first Live Process experience as a student which gave me the confidence and physical knowledge of the basic principles of Oil and Gas Process Operations.

My transition from being a student at the Kenson School of Production Technology to gaining employment with the Kenson Group of Companies was a success. I was offered the opportunity of working as an Operations Technician at BHPBilliton for a duration of four years where I gained most of my corporate knowledge and professional experience, enabling me to now be permanently employed with SHELL Trinidad and Tobago Limited. The theoretical and practical knowledge in which I gained throughout my studies was applied in my field of career, enabling me to understand and operate in the Oil and Gas processing environment in which I was exposed to, at the Offshore Production Facilities. ALL in ALL I am a proud student of the Kenson School of Production Technology. I am forever grateful and Thank You.