Enrique Ramlal

Course of Study: Process Technician Diploma

I have been attending Kenson School of Production Technology Ltd. (KSPTL) over the past year and I’m happy to say that the time spent with this institute has been trilling and memorable. Due to the current pandemic, physical classes have been postponed but that hasn’t hindered this institute from delivering the full curriculum as they took to online platforms. Although classes aren’t physical, they have been very active. The institute provided course manuals with detailed information about different aspects of the petrochemical industrialized sector and with the help of the lecturer, online classes couldn’t be any better.

Being a stranger to the Oil and Gas industry seemed challenging but thanks to the well-known, dare I say “great” Mr. Trevor Collette, who delivered information in a professional yet enjoyable manner, based off both course manuals and past experiences, I was able to grasp an understanding of the Energy sector. Along with this institute’s intuitive lecturers, the friendly staff is always available and willing to help at a moment’s notice. KSPTL also provided a miniaturized simulation of the Process Technician environment through which students were able to get hands on experience on what they may encounter in the field.

After completing the Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma – Process Technician, I immediately enrolled in KSPTL’s Offshore Production Operator Training (OPOT) Programme. I must say that I am grateful for, and happy with the time I have spent with KSPTL thus far, and I would definitely encourage anyone to enroll at this establishment.