Naseer Hassan

Courses of Study: Instrumentation Maintenance Technician Diploma.

I am Naseer Hassan and in January 2024, I completed the Diploma in Oil and Gas – Instrumentation Maintenance (Cohort 24) at Kenson School Of Production Technology Limited. Here is an account of my experience as a student:

In the classroom, the atmosphere was vibrant and engaging. There was a palpable energy among both students and instructor, thus fostering a conducive learning environment. We, the students, were actively involved in class activities and discussions, making for a dynamic exchange of ideas. The instructors encouraged open dialogue and welcomed questions, creating a supportive atmosphere for learning.

The transition to online classes was smooth and well-executed. Despite the shift in format, the quality of instruction remained high, and the interactive nature of the classes was preserved through virtual platforms. The school provided ample support and resources to facilitate a seamless transition, ensuring that we could continue our education without interruption.

The lecturer, Mr. Mukesh Gopiechansingh, demonstrated exceptional expertise and knowledge. He provided valuable insights into the world of work, offering practical advice and real-world examples to enhance our understanding. He was approachable and responsive to questions, fostering a collaborative learning environment. His dedication to student success was evident, as he consistently went above and beyond to assist us in our academic journey.

The staff at Kenson School was also incredibly supportive and accommodating. Student services were exemplary, with staff members readily available to address any issues or concerns that arose. The school prioritized student satisfaction and made every effort to ensure that our needs were met promptly and effectively.

The school’s facilities and simulators provided invaluable hands-on experience, preparing us for the demands of the workplace. The simulator was well-equipped and facilitated practical learning opportunities, allowing us to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting. The online simulators were equally effective, providing a virtual platform for interactive learning and skill development. Overall, the facilities at Kenson School played a crucial role in equipping us with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in our careers.

In conclusion, my experience at Kenson School was overwhelmingly positive. The quality of instruction, support from staff, and state-of-the-art facilities exceeded my expectations, providing me with the confidence and skills needed to transition smoothly into the world of work. I would highly recommend Kenson School to anyone seeking a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.