Quincy Alexander

Courses of Study: Instrumentation Maintenance Technician Diploma.

Having attended Kenson School from 2022 to 2023, my decision to embark on this educational journey was deeply rooted in the School’s unwavering focus on safety and their commitment to preparing students for the dynamic world of oil and gas. From the onset, Kenson School’s emphasis on creating a secure and conducive learning environment resonated with me. My experience in the classroom was always exceptional. Whether in person or online, the atmosphere was conducive to learning and interaction. In both settings, I felt comfortable asking questions and engaging with my classmates.

Transitioning to in-person classes only enhanced the experience as we could work collaboratively with our teacher, Mr. Mukesh Gopiechansingh, which fostered a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Our teacher was truly outstanding. He possessed a wealth of experience and knowledge, which he imparted to us with clarity and enthusiasm. His ability to provide real-life scenarios made the lessons relatable and practical. Moreover, his strong rapport with students created a supportive learning environment where everyone felt valued and encouraged to excel.

The administration team at Kenson School was highly responsive and supportive. They were always available to address any concerns or queries promptly. Their efficiency ensured that any issues that arose were swiftly resolved, thus allowing us to focus on our studies without unnecessary distractions.

Furthermore, the School’s payment plans were incredibly helpful. They offered flexible options that accommodated students’ financial situations, making education more accessible. The transparent and effective payment plans alleviated financial stress, allowing us to focus on our studies with peace of mind.

The hands-on sessions were undoubtedly a highlight of my learning journey. They provided invaluable practical experience that complemented our theoretical knowledge. The opportunity to work with process parameters allowed us to apply our learning in a real-world context, preparing us effectively for the challenges of the professional environment.

Overall, my time at Kenson School was rewarding. The combination of excellent teaching, supportive staff, practical learning experiences, and flexible payment plans equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to transition seamlessly into the world of work. I am grateful for the quality education and positive environment that Kenson School provided, which have undoubtedly contributed to my success today.