Riaz Jandoolah

Courses of Study: Instrumentation Maintenance Technician Diploma.

The Kenson School of Production Technology played a major role in my educational journey. After completing secondary school, I enrolled at the school and completed the Diploma in Oil and Gas – Instrumentation Maintenance. This course was very interesting and I acquired the knowledge required to work as an Instrumentation Maintenance Technician.

The quality of teaching provided by Kenson School was second to none. My lecturer, Mr. Mukesh Gopiechansingh, was very knowledgeable in the subject area as he has both the theoretical capabilities as well as years of experience in the field. He often told us about real life experiences he had working on plants, which made me more enthused with the oil and gas industry. Mr. Gopiechansingh was appreciated by all his students and there was never a dull moment in his class.

During my time at Kenson School, I was exposed to both online and physical modes of learning. I appreciated both; the convenience that came with online classes as well as the level of engagement provided by the physical classes. Whether online or physical, the standard of teaching never wavered. My lecturer would always ensure everyone understood a topic before moving on and he would even revisit a topic if it was too challenging for any one person. He always went above and beyond for us, his students.

The staff at Kenson School were both professional and exceptionally courteous, always addressing issues promptly and positively. Whenever I was faced with an issue, the staff would address it in a timely manner and always with a positive attitude. The facilities, classrooms and labs at the school were always well-maintained and the environment was fit for learning. The real life simulation at the school gave students a chance to engage with and learn about plant equipment.

Kenson School of Production Technology accepted me and one year later equipped me with the fundamentals to become an Instrumentation Maintenance Technician. My experience was a great one and I would recommend this School as a stepping stone for anyone interested in joining the oil and gas industry.