Wendell Boyce

Course of Study: Offshore Process Operator Technician (OPOT) Cohort 10

I attended Kenson school of production, where I enrolled in the offshore Process Operator Technician (OPOT) Cohort 10. My experience at Kenson was a memorable one, while attending this institute I learned a lot of technical and non technical attributes that transition me into the professional world of work. My past instructors such as Mr Trevor Collete and Mr Dirk De Gourville were highly skilled and full of experience and I’m thankful for being part of this experience. The staff at Kenson were highly professional and welcoming, making the journey to success more comfortable.

Upon completing my Vocational skill, I was later employed with Kenson at EOG Resources. I am currently employed at EOG, the knowledge attained at Kenson school made the transition less complex to the nature and requirement of the work to complete the job. I would recommend anyone that is interested in Kenson School of Production to go forth and attain a new skill in today’s world, WORK HARD, STAY DISCIPLINED AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!