Kenson School of Production Technology Ltd. (KSPTL) announces that all qualifications henceforth will be awarded under the Pearson Assured Status. In a play to improve administrative efficiency and offer a more positive student experience, KSPTL will now be offering courses that are Assured by Pearson of the United Kingdom (UK). Pearson is a respected, robust and leading awarding institution that provides quality assurance and awarding services to over 50,000 centres worldwide, and has been operational for the past 176 years.

KSPTL was approved as a Pearson Assured Centre in September 2021.

Moving forward under the Pearson Assured Status, all of KSPTL’s qualifications will be jointly awarded from Pearson and KSPTL, and its programmes will be renamed accordingly:


Kenson Assured Certificate in Oil and Gas Refinement (Advanced) – Instrumentation Maintenance TechnicianDiploma in Oil and Gas – Instrumentation Maintenance.


Kenson Assured Certificate in Oil and Gas Refinement (Advanced) – Mechanical Maintenance TechnicianDiploma in Oil and Gas – Mechanical Maintenance.
Kenson Assured Certificate in Oil and Gas Refinement (Advanced) – Electrical Maintenance TechnicianDiploma in Oil and Gas – Electrical Maintenance.


Kenson Assured Certificate in Oil and Gas Refinement (Advanced) – Process TechnicianDiploma in Oil and Gas – Process Operations.
Offshore Production Operator Training ProgrammeAdvanced Certificate in Oil and Gas Offshore Production Operations Training Programme (OPOT)
Land Based Production Operator Training ProgrammeAdvanced Certificate in Oil and Gas Land Based Production Operations Training Programme  (LBPOT)


KSPTL wishes to reassure both its past and existing student bodies that both qualifications (City and Guilds UK, and Pearson UK) carry the same weight in terms of accreditation. KSPTL remains committed to providing locally, regionally and internationally accredited customized training for the Energy sector.

Persons seeking more information on this transition are invited to contact KSPTL via email info@kspt.edu.tt, visit our website at www.kspt.edu.tt, check us out on Facebook and Instagram @kensonschool, or contact us at our Office: (868) 688-8659.


  1. Why is KSPTL transitioning from City and Guilds UK to Pearson?

In 2020 City and Guilds informed KSPTL that they are no longer offering the Level 3 IVQ Advanced Technician Diploma and this would be replaced by the Assured Recognition Service (read more on the Assured Recognition Service here). This transition included a mandatory change in name of the Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diplomas, and as a result, some of our students believed that the qualification was no longer offered at the level of an Advanced Diploma.

Under the Pearson Assured Status, the names of our programmes now reflect the level of the qualification, which helps us to avoid further confusion.

Additionally, KSPTL experienced a number of administrative inefficiencies due to the global pandemic, which in turn impacted the student experience. KSPTL holds its students in the highest regard, and as such, has made the transition to Pearson in hopes of maintaining a quality student experience


  1. Is a Pearson accreditation better than a City and Guilds accreditation?

We maintain that both Pearson and City and Guilds are highly acclaimed, international awarding bodies. Students awarded qualifications will benefit from an internationally recognized certification by either accreditation body.


  1. How will these programmes change e.g. the curriculum, the pre-requisites, the duration, schedule etc.?

There will be no change to the curriculum, pre-requisites, scheduling or duration of Pearson Assured Programmes. See HERE for more information


  1. Where will this new certification be recognized?

As with the City and Guilds Assured qualification, all Pearson Assured certificates will be locally, regionally and internationally recognized.


  1. Will local employers and other educational institutions recognize this new certification i.e. industry professionals, universities?

Yes, Pearson Assured is recognised worldwide. There are approximately 155 centres currently with Pearson Assured (only) and another 500 with Pearson Assured as part of Pearson’s wider BTEC centre offerings. Read more on Pearson here.


  1. Has the cost of these programmes changed because of the new certification?

There is no cost attached to the change in accrediting body.


  1. Are there payment plans available for these programmes?

Yes, students seeking financial assistance can take advantage of payment plans and additional financing through TECU Credit Union. For more information on these financial options, please send an email to info@kspt.edu.tt

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